Friday, October 31, 2008

What's the Scoop, Monkey Poop?

Today's glob is brought to you by my crack team of globbers. The title of this post is from Annie-anne, fondly known to many of us as Anne K. (she's quite the poet, and don't I know it...) And then, when I opened up my email today (for the first time this week probably) there was a little Halloween gift from Patricia---->Follow this link to draw yourself a cute jack o' lantern. The Halloween Cat photo was taken by Jeff last year (I don't THINK he'll mind...) I am SO in the Halloween spirit this year. I have the day off to celebrate!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ring a Bell for Joan Blondell

This number always just blows me away. I think it contains Joan Blondell's finest moments on screen. And singer Etta Moten really adds a whole lotta soul. If you get bored around the middle during all the marching, take a closer look at all the wounded WWI soldiers and think what they went through. Some of the people on YouTube said it better than I can:
- "They fought in 'the war to end all wars' and came back to poverty and despair."
- "First comes the war. When they come home, the world they knew is completely different. 10 years later, the depression. after the depression, comes ww2-which their kids fight in. After the second war is over, things become a little better-but they're too old to enjoy it. And, during their final years, everyone hates them-because they're supposedly all racist and sexist bigots. Not a good time to be born."
- "Joan Blondell really conveyed such heartfelt emotion that I can't help but be moved by it. The singer is wonderful and her voice is so strong and powerful. I remembered seeing this movie years ago and was surprised by this downbeat ending. It's as if the director knows that even though this movie is a comedy, the reality of life cannot be ignored."
Well--just watch it anyway. It's got a catchy tune!

Go to Your Corner, Jack Horner!

I love love love my new "office." I started my cold-weather nesting early this year, so I've already been using this space for a few weeks.