Monday, January 19, 2009

See You in the Spring, Bing!

A Patch of Blue just started on TCM. I love love love this movie! In other news, today I made lentil soup and it's wonderfully good. It's snowing again..the third time in the last 24 hours, AND Mama Cat is back and hanging out in the barn. I haven't seen her since the first week of August. Maybe she left because of this guy :

I used to call him Sailor's Daddy. I call him Uncle Daddy now. Jeff calls him Elvis. I trapped him late in the summer and my sainted vet said that he had already been neutered. The fiend. Notice the tip of his right ear. The vet clipped it so that any future cat trappers will know that he's already "done." He still comes around late at night and walks along the railing on the back deck, taunting poor Sailor who makes wierd wuffling noises and throws himself against the window trying to get out.

Or maybe she left because of Auntie Cat (looking very pathetic here):

I'm pretty sure that Auntie Cat is Mama Cat's sister. She had her hysterectomy and disappeared upon being released, but not before causing much mayhem. My neighbor said that he used to see Auntie and Mama sleeping all curled up together in the sun, but in my experience they have a less than cordial relationship. Lot's of hissing and suspicion. Mama Cat was cuddling on my lap and purring one day and then, after a surprise encounter with Auntie, she was gone. For five and a half months!

Here's pretty Mama Cat in our halcyon days of summer (you can see why we mourned her and thought that she had been eaten by coyotes):

Meanwhile inside, we have much napping on comfy pillows and snuggly afghans (with the snow and everything, it's no wonder that I don't want to go anywhere...I've been reading books by sleeping cats!):

Here's a link to my other child, our darling Baby Boo, who lives far away and looks disturbingly like (and yet not like) her (ragged and desperate) Auntie Boo.

So-that's the whole family, brought all up to date. And now, after almost six months, Mama Cat has started coming to my back deck and telling me that she's home. Today she crouched in her old spot with snow falling softly on her beautiful self. It's a Martin Luther King Day miracle!