Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Give With the Gravy, Davy

I have this great book called Folk Tales for Reading and Telling, by Leila Berg. It was published in 1966 and it is totally charming. I have to thank either Martha or Tess for saving it from the dumpster for me.

I think that Leila is still alive and living in Britain. Based on the obscure nature of most of my obsessions, I honestly wasn't expecting to find much information about her, but she has been published in this century (the paperback edition of her autobiography, Flickerbook, came out in 2001.) She celebrated her 90th birthday in 2007.

I found the full text of Leila's introduction to Folk Tales, as well as many of her stories, here.

I have emailed Leila (through her son) to ask her if I can transcribe one of her Folk Tales here. So we'll just have to wait and see...(is this more boring than most of my posts? sorry)

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