Friday, May 15, 2009

Jeff sent me this poem in August 2007.

I think it's quite apropos today because Sailor scratched my nose two days ago. I contend that it was not his fault because he was overexcited from playing under the table with a towel that was dangling down and he just didn't expect to have anything, let alone my face, suddenly appear within claw range. He's very sensitive, you know.

(indulgent mother smiles nervously and wonders if anyone believes her)

Jeff's poem (one of many!):

I have a friend name Scooter
He really likes my computer
He likes to watch the screen
It's really quite the scene

He likes to walk on my back
it's like a love attack
He likes to bite my toes
He even bites my nose

I have a friend name Scooter
He just couldn't be cuter
His real name is Sailor
but nothing rhymes with Sailor


Copyright 2007 Jeff Wignall


Lynne said...

(from Brownie!)
tailor and wailer rhyme with sailor
to name a few
but who knew
if you look around
you might even find a prepaid mailer
to send your cat back
and buy some fish
don't you wish?

Anonymous said...

Once there was a cat named Sailor.
His lovely Lynne was looking frailer
Than a snowdrop, and much paler.
Brave and loyal, Mr. Sailor
Knew that he would not, could not fail her.
A remedy for her he'd tailor.
He sang a song to regale her
Like a feline reggae Wailer.
And now sweet Lynne is looking haler!

Lynne said...

OK - I'm very happy about this. So many of my friends are poets!

ArtDot said...

Very clever. Jeff is a man of many talents! Give him our best. XXOO

Gerry said...

That is cute!! Quite the poet. Does he haqve a book?

Mary-Ellen said...

that is one cute poem

Vicki said...

Hi Lovey
He is quite a poet!!!

Shirley got out one evening and clawed me a bit when I tried to bring her back in!

But we still love our kitty's
My love to you and Jeff

Auntie Vicki