Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watcha Thinkin', Lincoln?

We went to Washington, D.C. to visit Julia and to see the sights.
(Hooray for my sister the Cruise Director!)

We ate hotdogs on the way.

Daddy took a picture of me crying as I read the Gettysburg Address.
(The effect is ruined because he made me laugh.)

The Korean War Memorial is haunting. Those boys look so scared.
(Click on this guy's face for a closeup.)

This is Phil at the Korean Memorial, just a few minutes after the first of his many "Thank-you-for-your-service" experiences.
(Starting with that first nice young woman who approached him, he received many handshakes and thank you's throughout the day, which he handled quite gracefully after the surprise of the initial encounter.)

Don't even get me started on the Vietnam Memorial.

Our "official" trip portrait at the World War II memorial.
(Phillip, Sandra, Lynne, Beryl, Julia)

Mommy was inspired to borrow my camera to record this view.

Here she is framing her image.

I am just wild about Harry. Give 'em hell and all that. It's probably all David McCullough's fault. Anyway, Mommy appreciated the sentiment. (Hooray for the Canadians!)

Phil took this picture of Julia's feet.
(She walked miles in flimsy flip flops while we all sported more sensible footwear.)

Love the Metro.

Go you Cubs.

Poor Milton Bradley.

Visited family in Arlington on Sunday morning.

I took this picture of Phil & Julia's feet at the Tomb of the Unknowns.
(We have a genetic obsession with feet, maybe.)

I was photographing the Masonic Temple in Arlington when this guy walked into the shot. I looked at his website and it seems that he started out on his little walk from New York. (How often does that happen?)

(Hey, Julia, thanks for being a wonderful hostess. I decided not to use our original title for this post because when I tried to write it down it came out sounding a bit off color. Think about it...maybe use your spam blocker for inspiration.)


Julia said...

I'm SO glad that there is not only 1 but 2 pictures of my feet from the trip!!

But in all seriousness....LOVE all the photos and the captions that go with!!!

Lynne said...

Oh but your feet are very cute.

Fred said...

well Lynn thats good the first thing thats made any sence to me good work

Connie said...

That was so much fun to see. Joe and I were in Washington in May - at many of the same places - his first time ever. We were there at the same time as some folks we know from Tucson - the daughter of an old college friend of mine, her husband, and their two kids, who are 10 and 12. It was so much fun to see the city through their eyes as well as Joe's fresh ones. And, yes, that Korean memorial was astounding. Did you get to the FDR - it's a hike to get to, but well worth it.

Terry said...

How absolutely wonderful!! Hooray for the Canadians!! I tried to put this little tidbit on the picture thing but it wouldn't work. Brother and Uncle Terry

Lynne said...

Terry-do you mean Flickr or Facebook?

Susan said...

Thanks Lynne, I enjoyed this! Good to see your family!
Hope you are well,

Connie said...

The amazing thing about the FDR is that it's not just a single site, it goes on and on, with different sections for each of his terms in office. I had just said to Joe that I couldn't understand how they could ignore Eleanor when we turned another corner and there she was! It's a very powerful experience and a lovely use of the land. I'm so glad we made the trek - it would be especially beautiful at cherry blossom time, so there's something for you to look forward to -

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B.P_ said...

123 by the way when i siad i read most of ur blog i thought i read most of it but i only read a qurtor:(

b.p said...


Lynne said...

456 I forwarded your birthday message to Grammie!