Sunday, August 23, 2009

Go to Jersey City, Smitty!

I'm feeling very Matriotic. So there.

She walks.

Storm clouds flee Miss Liberty.

9/11 Memorial in Jersey City - We visited on a quiet Sunday morning.

View of Manhattan from Liberty State Park - Love the truck.


Jeff Wignall said...

"I lift my lamp beside the golden door..."

Boy, it sure must take a lot of work to find such cool locations and to plan such a neat trip!

Pay no attention to the weather man behind the glass curtain!

B.P said...

Ha Ha Jeff very funny and WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD U BE UP SO EARLY?
Auntie Lynne would u tell Jeff that?

Lynne said...

456 B.P.-Jeff didn't get up early. He hadn't gone to bed yet. He's a writer. Or a vampire. I'm not sure which!

B.P said...

123 when he went to bed my house was waking up(parents) because of Maylee And if he is a vampire i am nerver gooing near him Again i finshed that book Julia and Sarah gave me and working on two books because Misty of chincotege is really good and i have to read the other one for school

Lynne said...

456 I'm really glad that you're enjoying Misty. What is the book that Julia and Sarah gave you? (P.S. Jeff is not really a vampire.)