Sunday, July 3, 2011

It Was a Loverly Spring

Recitals, graduations, gardening and good times with family. There are also fun videos on my YouTube channel. This post is peppered with links to some of the best ones.

Sarah's spring concert weekend:

Wizard Watching on Holy Saturday >>

Sarah's graduation:
(Real diploma inside folder!)
(Julia & Sandy)

Brook's dance recital:
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy >>
(shy Debbie)

Memorial Day:
Cowgurl in pool >>

Magic Diver >>

(too tired to post more of these...)

Alice's graduation:
(Brook & Vincent)
(Debbie & Phil)
(Scott & Beryl)
Land of Hope & Glory! >>
(good friends)

Asparagus roots:
(they grew!)


Jeff Wignall said...

I love the asparagus garden! Are those bricks from the barn? The barn lives in a perennial veggie garden! And I never knew that Sandy and Julia had such a similar smile. Brook and Alice are starting to look so much alike, too! And I owe Sarah a graduation card (hang in there Sarah, I haven't forgotten!). Good on you Sarah!

Lynne said...

Some of the bricks are from the barn - yes. And you should see Sandy and Julia's first-grade pictures sometime. Identical!