Friday, June 19, 2009

Keep in Touch, Dutch!

I got lots of great emails about the photos of Phil, Beryl and Sailor. I took the liberty of posting some of your notes as comments after those entries. Hope that's ok with y'all.

I also received some wonderful photographs.
Alice sent a lot of fun images from the last six months or so.
Here's one with her caption:

"Mommy got me a peticure, pretty color huh?"

My friend Ben collects cat photos (his mom tells me) so I created a new category here called "cats4ben". If you like pictures of cats, just click on cats4Bben (over in the right column, Mom!) to see posts with cat photos. If you'd like to share pictures of cats that you are actually acquainted with (there are already lots of cute cats out there on the Internet, so please don't send those - no need for us to reinvent the wheel) just email them to me and I'll post them here.

Jenni(fer) is going to kick off our new cats4ben series with CatFink the Supreme Ruler:

(and yes, he looks JUST like Sailor - probably inevitable that my earliest longtime friend and I would eventually end up with twin cats!)

Jenni says, "He was rescued out of a plastic bag in a dumpster (along w/his brothers and sisters) eight years ago (shudder). He's been reigning supreme ever since (nickname: The Dog). GRIN"

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Ben said...

Dear Lynne and Jenni(fur),
I love MY special section. It has a lot of cute cats and I am ready to copy and paste them on to a Word Document and print it out. We don't have a scanner so we can't put Ella and Phoebe on your website. But maybe someday. Thanks again!