Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Over the Moon, June!

Phil & Beryl up in a tree
(for 53 years)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! My parents also just passed the 50 year anniversary. Their wedding photos are eerily similar: Dior "new look" silhouette in the wedding gown, crazy happiness on their faces. --ABK

Lynne said...

And the wedding dress was PINK!

Gail said...

Wow!! I opened this at work to show some of the girls in the office. They look so happy. In a way neither Phil or Beryl have changed. I was telling the girls the picture of my parents at their wedding in St Luke's in Saint John was full of ladies in their fur coats as it was Dec. 10, not something you would see today.

Thank you for the blast from the past. You know how I feel about your parents especially your mother.

Art&Dot said...

Nice photo! Thanks for sending. XOO

Loretta said...

Thanks Lynn for sending that to me. Where in heck has all the time gone.